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Week of September 30th

Hi everyone, I’ve been reallybusy since my last blog update, but I finally have some time to do so. First of all, I have a ton of upcoming events and competitions. To start, I will soon be recording an application to be a US Presidential Scholar of the Arts. Getting this award would be an […]

Week of August 19th

Hi again everyone, I’ve been really busy since my last blog update. Obviously, school is about to get started, but other than that, I’ve been hard at work preparing more than an hour of new music. I’ve been learning 25 minutes of music for my performances with the Van Cliburn Foundation, and I’m still working […]

Week of July 15th

Hi again everyone, A ton of stuff has happened since I last blogged. First of all, I attended the Valencia International Piano Festival (VIPA) in Valencia, Spain. It was a fantastic experience and I learned innumerable techniques and ideas. The concerts were great, as were the master classes. I learned the most, however, at my […]

Week of June 17th

Hi again, everyone, It’s been a while since I updated this blog, so sorry about that. I’ve been really busy, but on the bright side, I have a lot to write about now. First of all, I recently came back from the Texas State International Piano Festival, which was an awesome experience. I attended several […]

Week of May 27th

Hi again everyone, Quite a few things have happened recently. First of all, I’m busy preparing for the Texas State International Piano Festival, which takes place in about a week (next Saturday). Relatively soon after that, I’ll be heading off to another festival in Valencia Spain. As well, my school has just ended, so I’m […]