Hi everyone,

Quite a few interesting things have happened since I last posted here three weeks ago. First of all, I have been invited to compete in the Astana Piano Passion competition – it’s an inaugural competition being held in Kazakhstan. I’m very excited to participate and hope I get picked to compete in the live rounds. Right now I’m evaluating pieces of Kazakh composers and trying to determine which one to learn. Stateside, I finished my Juilliard and Curtis auditions last week; Juilliard went well, but I didn’t make call-backs at Curtis, sadly. I was very impressed with the group of kids that was auditioning at Curtis. On the bright side, college decisions have started to roll in en masse. I look to have some great options college-wise, and it’s going to be really tough deciding where to go. I should get the last few decisions back within the next two weeks, and then it’ll be decision time.

Thanks for reading!