Hi everyone,

First of all, sorry for the silence here lately! I’ve been incredibly busy with auditions lately, and it’s been really tough to keep this blog updated. Anyways, the auditions finally have slowed down enough for me to regain my sanity, which is always a good thing. I’ve gotten through all of my auditions but the final two: Curtis and Juilliard. In addition to auditions, I also had finals this week in school, so it’s been really tough keeping my grades up while perfecting my pieces. Nevertheless, I’ll be in New York mid-next week and Philadelphia at the end of next week for my Juilliard and Curtis auditions. For the two schools, I’ve prepared a whopping 85 minutes of repertoire, which was a formidable task. For the most part, I have all the pieces down well, but I’m still making some small tweaks. In addition, yesterday I was accepted into the Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition in July, and I’m really looking forward to it. Having competed in it two years ago, I know it’s an incredibly difficult competition, but I’m excited to be able to participate in it again (and hopefully win, obviously!).

That’s all for now, but once all the college decisions start rolling in, I’ll update this blog as frequently as possible. Thanks for reading!