Hi again everyone,
I’ve been really busy since my last blog update. Obviously, school is about to get started, but other than that, I’ve been hard at work preparing more than an hour of new music. I’ve been learning 25 minutes of music for my performances with the Van Cliburn Foundation, and I’m still working on my previously-detailed array of solo work (see the previous posts for the full list). All of my pieces are extremely difficult, but that only makes it more rewarding when I ultimately learn them. In terms of performances, my only one in the immediate future is a performance at the Dallas Music Teacher’s Association’s 100th anniversary recital. It’s an honor to have been selected to perform in the concert, and I’m working my hardest to assure I have a great performance there. In the more far-off future, I have the MTNA state competition in November, which I’m excited for.
That’s all for this update, but check back soon, and thanks for reading!