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Week of 11/20

Week of October 2nd

Hi everyone, Sorry for not updating this in a while. I was distracted with a lot of stuff over the summer and have been very busy with school lately. Currently, I’m finishing learning Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit. I’ve began to work on the nuances of Scarbo and am currently finishing learning the notes of […]

Week of May 22nd

Hi everyone, I just got out of school for the year, so now I can put all of my attention on preparing for my next two competitions. First up, the TMTA competition in June: I’ll be playing three pieces which are a total of about ten minutes. I’ve been trying to balance my time between […]

Week of April 24th

Hello everyone, I’m currently hard at work preparing for both the TMTA competition in June, as well as for the E-Piano competition in July. I’ve been learning a ton of work, as the E-Piano requires 95 minutes of music in addition to a concerto. My new work has been fun, though, and learning new pieces […]

Week of April 9th

Hi all, I just competed in the Virginia Waring International Piano Competition, but unfortunately it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I didn’t play as well in the preliminary round as I expected to and as a result got eliminated. My next competition is in June, and thanks to all of you for […]